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 “I am just writing to let you know that we have Jacque Allen as our facilitator. She is fantastic. It is great to have someone who knows what we want and is willing to help us achieve it!!
She is a real professional and well versed in her field. We hope to continue this next year…hopefully with Jacque!”

Sent to the Regional Manager from a DP, South Auckland School (Yr 0-8)

I am a confident facilitator, in both the Primary and Secondary settings, of innovative learning environments, collaborative teaching and learning with digital technologies. I am able to work with leadership teams (including BOTs) to design and deliver professional development that creates effective shift in teaching practice and to build leader and teacher capacity with the goal to create sustainability across the school or cluster of schools. 

My work is based on research and reflects the diversity and context of the schools I work with. I ensure my practice is focused on student achievement using strong pedagogical knowledge of learning and teaching, I do this by collaborating with the schools to reach clearly identified outcomes.

More about my professional learning and development work with schools…

Leadership development

Teacher capacity building
·         Support leadership teams to gather voice, co-construct implementation plans, implement and effect change
·         Embedding ‘Teaching as Inquiry’ to create a shift in teacher practice.

·         Develop action/implementation plans to support the schools or clusters goals for learning and teaching
·         Facilitate teachers to take ownership of collaborative teaching systems and processes

·         Using data and other evidence to inform decision making and to co-construct planning for professional learning and whanau engagement
·         Co-construct learning with digital technologies pedagogical knowledge and building teacher eCapability

·         Collaborate with leadership teams to identify what shift in teaching practice is required and shape how deliberate professional learning will impact on leaders and teachers
·         Development of professional learning groups based on the ‘Spiral of Inquiry’ process

·         Coaching and mentoring to build leadership capability
·         Resource development and rewinderable learning opportunities for teachers

Qualifications/academic study/ areas of original research/current research interests

·         2016: Exchange Conference, A4LE, Melbourne Australia
·         2014: Masters of Management, Sustaining Value in eCommunities
Business School, University of Auckland
·         1991: Diploma of Teaching (Primary), Auckland College of Education

Professional learning and development experience

I have worked in the education section for over 25 years, teaching in both primary and secondary, working with a wide range of culturally diverse learners. Over half of my career has been facilitating with leaders and teachers from the primary and second context, in both State and independent schooling sectors, in the areas of learning with digital technologies and innovative learning (collaborative teaching, new learning spaces, learner agency and curriculum re-design for 21st Century learners).
I co-construct with leadership teams a plan of action for professional development to shift teaching practice within and across schools. Together we create structures and processes around the development of an implementation plan to support the teaching as inquiry process. The creation and implementation of this plan is critical for change; gathering voice, analysis of data, planning documentation, designing specific and intentional professional development, as well as continually reflecting and evaluating throughout the process of delivery.
Where possible my work is based on New Zealand research, this approach is to support leaders and teachers to discuss and reflect upon their practice, to focus on effective and new pedagogies and examine new ways of lifting student achievement and different methods of engaging with whanau.
Developing and maintaining strong professional relationships ensures leaders and teachers have confidence in my knowledge and experience. People are at the heart of change, change in attitudes, behaviour and learning culture is key to the work I do with schools. Being culturally responsive in my practice ensures all learners; leaders, teachers and students are catered for.
He aha te mea nui o te ao?

What is the most important thing in the world?
He tangata, he tangata, he tangata!
It is the people, the people, the people!

Conference presentations and recent publications

ULearn16 Education Conference, Rotorua, NZ
Innovative Learning: pedagogy, practice and environment

Chair: Privacy and Cyber Safety in Schools,
Educational Law Conference, Auckland NZ

Collaborative learning with Google Drawing Google Apps for Education Conference, Auckland NZ

Special interest areas and professional memberships

·         Innovative Learning Spaces (MLEs)

·         Learning with
Digital Technologies

·         Change Management

·         Professional Learning Group:
Data Analysis to identify trends in Achievement Challenges

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